Whether you're considering timber harvesting for income, regeneration, or land planning, we are "Master Timber Harvesters" who provide you with solutions!

Georgia Alabama Woodlands, Inc. has been in business since 1979. We are timber harvesters with the capability of doing clear-cut or select harvesting.

Timber companies are not all alike. We pride ourselves on taking the time to review your product, and offer recommendations which exceed price alone. Safety, erosion, and public relations are also important considerations for the landowner. The condition of the land, after the harvest is just as important as the logs produced.

We have fully mechanized operations and always observe the Best Management Practices of timber harvesters. We are "Master Timber Harvesters" certified by the Georgia Master Timber Harvester Program and Alabama Professional Logging Manager Program.

Every job is done safely and more efficiently, due to the knowledge gained from our years of "hands on" experience.


Georgia Alabama Woodlands, Inc.’s long-term goal is to further our relationship with the landowner to build a lasting partnership. Conservation, landowner objectives, and regeneration are three reasons to consider a certified “Master Timber Harvester” to conduct your timber harvest.


Proper forest management involves balancing the economics of the harvest with the biology and ecology of the forest. Through experience, communication, and trust, we are your partner in producing income, while planning for the post harvest condition of the land.

Georgia Alabama Woodlands